Mid-Century Modern Home with Natural Stacked Stone Facade

Here is a perfect example on how natural stacked stone panels work on any style of space. This is a mid-century modern home with large front wall divider veneered in our format wall panels adds that needed warmth and texture the the home. To see more of our Format wall panels click here.


Explore our new visualizer and see what out natural stone wall panels can offer to every space in your home.   OUR VISUALIZER  

NEW Carrara Marble Wall Panels

Carrara marble is one of histories most famous and used natural stone in not only architecture but also art. From building to statues this natural stone is unique and truly beautiful Italian marble from the city of Carrara in the Tuscany region. We now offer it to you in our Format Wall Panel Collection. To […]

Top to Bottom, Front to Back Stacked Stone

This beautiful home in Ft. Lauderdale is covered in our Charcoal Format stone wall panels from top to bottom and front to back. To see more of Format Collection colors click here.

Fireplace with Stacked Stone

Transform you fireplace’s appearance by adding stacked stone panels. Natural stone is the perfect material to turn a boring out-of-date fireplace into an exciting, warm, and inviting focal point of a room.

Tiles aren’t just for floors anymore.

Using modern tiles to accent walls are a great way to add dimension, texture and color to your space. Natural stone provides nature’s visual rhythm, tactile and hue properties, not to mention the durability of a classical stone statue. Explore our natural stone tile collection here.

Interior Accent Walls with Stacked Stone Panels

Designing an accent wall using stack stone is one of the most unique and natural ways to make a statement in a room. Natural stone adds character and a grand sense of homeliness. Here are some inspirational pictures of our natural stone wall panels in action. To see more inspirational pictures of our products follow […]

8 New Colors Added to Unitek Natural Stone Wall Panels

Eight new Unitek Natural Stone wall panels colors now available. The new additions expand not only the color palette of Unitek panels, but also the textures of this collection. (click on title to read more) See All Unitek Here

Installing Natural Stone Wall Panels

In this video, we illustrate some general tips and tricks on how to install our natural stone wall panels on to an exterior wall of a home. (click on title to read more)   Installing Natural Stone Wall Panels